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Ille De Cocos white sweater
175 CAD - wolfandbadger.com

Chicwish moto jacket
92 CAD - chicwish.com

Puma platform shoes
270 CAD - luisaviaroma.com

Leather purse
175 CAD - etsy.com

Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow
29 CAD - macys.com


Hey Beavs!

If you follow my styling page on Instagram, @styledbybeaver, then you would already know I am pregnant with my second child. He/She is due to come at the end of this summer and  I am so excited! I am currently 6 1/2 months which means I am in the state of nesting and organizing everything to prepare for babies arrival. This includes prepacking a diaper bag, looking through my toddlers old clothes to see what hand me downs are in good shape, etc..
As per usual, Influenster always saves the day lol. I have not purchased any diapers just yet for my newborn since I still have plenty of time to do so, not to mention my baby shower is still to come (stay tuned for a post on my baby shower). They sent me the Huggies Snuggle Newborn Diapers. Now I know you are probably thinking how can I review a product I have not used yet? Well, I do recall using them for my daughter for a while when she was born.

Huggies do just that, hug your babies bottom. It gives them a nice snug fit and allows them to move their little legs with ease. They don't cause irritation on the skin since they are so soft on babies skin. I did not experience any leaking or jelly coming out of the diapers which is great. Now I am not sure if they have change the make of the diaper so once baby is born I will come back and give you all an update on how I am liking the diapers.
See you all in the next post and make sure you follow my Instagram!

**I received this product for reviewing purposes from Influenster.**


Hey Beavs!

The last weekend of April was my good friend's 30th birthday. She celebrated in complete style of course. Egyptian inspired decor, food and dress code. I must say, I had an amazing time, even though I can't drink any wine lol. I kept my outfit quite simple and let my adorable mummy tummy do the talking for me.
Dress: JLuxLabel
Accessories: H&M and Forever 21
Peep Toe Sling Back Heels: Shoedazzle

I have had this dress for 2 to 3 years now and I always forget how simple yet sexy it is. It's a fitted dress which hugs all of your curves and it is midi length so you show just the right amount of leg. The open back detail adds to the sensuality of this dress. Your back is decorated with these delicate pieces of gold accessories.
I have been slacking with my maternity style posts here on the blog but to be honest this pregnancy has had me more exhausted than my first. Please forgive me guys. Stay tuned for yet another style post this month! 


Hey Beavs!

As you guys know, I have been working with Influenster for a couple years now. They always give each member the opportunity to review and try products for free. I love having this experience because it is so easy not only for bloggers but the average consumer to test products before spending their hard earned coins on something they may not even like.
Last month, I received the Covergirl Total Tease Mascara and Katy Kat Shimmer Eye Liner. I legit needed a new mascara so Influenster came right on time for me. I have been testing these products now for almost 2 weeks and I have my full review and thoughts on them down below.

Total Tease Mascara: 3/5
I am a die hard Maybelline mascara fan just because their formula is soft on the lashes and the bristles on the brush are soft as well. Cover girl bristles always scratch my eyes, lol I don't know why they insist on using plastic forks as mascara brushes. LOL I don't mean to sound rude but it drives me insane. Another thing, their formula is always crunchy on the lashes. Now for this specific mascara, it is not as crunchy which I am happy about. So what DO I like about the mascara? The brush design itself. It allows you to really get into your lashes and pull them out to their true length. I also like the added bristles at the top of the brush which are meant for teasing the lashes. This mascara does not flake which is great, but I do wish they would add some oil to their formula.

Katy Kat Shimmer Eye Liner: 4/5
I love a good eye liner that does not budge, and this baddie does not budge guys! She stays put and pigmented all day. Now I am not the biggest shimmer liner fan. I prefer a matte black or nude shade. But it definitely was worth giving a try. I will say it gives me a more dramatic everyday look versus a no makeup look. I gave this liner a 4/5 because once again I am not a fan of shimmer liner. However I may just purchase this liner in the black shade.

**I received these products for reviewing purposes from Influenster.

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FALL FASHION| MAUVE AND BLACK by beavers-mum featuring crew-neck shirts Adidas crew neck shirt 85 CAD - topshop.com Purple skirt 2.54 CAD ...