Sunday, March 29, 2015


Kudos to the Wind

Hi guys! Today was so windy, it was difficult to take these pictures without my hair going all over the place. 

I know I said I won't be posting any photos of my body just yet because I am insecure but I couldn't help it. This outfit was so simple yet chic I just had to come and show you guys, while also hiding the tummy.

A quick trip to Caffe Demetres quickly turned into a Five Guys run when I saw the line and how long it was to get it in. NOPE! This skinny chic needed some food and she needed it now! 

Don't you just love how the Canadian breeze is showing you all my lovely edges?!

Jacket: Forever 21
Low-Rise Medium Wash Denim Jeans: Forever 21
Leopard Print Slip On Runners: Urban Planet
White Envelope Clutch: Forever 21

It is still pretty chilly here in Brampton, so I had to take this coat out for yet another spin. I love it! It is a nice edgy spin on the classic black trench coat. This coat comes collarless, which indicates it is meant for warmer weather. It has such a nice slender yet not too tight fit to it and let's not forget the faux leather paneling on the bottom. I also rolled up the sleeves just a tad bit because my little arms were swimming in there. That would be my only con with this jacket, the sleeves need to be more slim. 

I paired this all lack coat with a pair of low rise skinny jeans in medium wash and leopard print slip-ons for a casual and easy fit. I love looks that are very easy to put together and can be worn more than once by changing your accessories. Means less shopping and more plotting, for my clients that is ;).

I hope you guys enjoy this post. I do not know when I will be posting another body picture, but as mush as it bothers me I will try my best to get one up for you guys asap. Until next time, latah!
The face you make when you are through with the wind.
Bae, did you take it?

MOTD (better shot)

Stay tuned for a tutorial on this look on my Youtube channel

Saturday, March 28, 2015



Versace white top
490 CAD -

Blue blazer
59 CAD -

Rebecca Minkoff boyfriend jeans
150 CAD -

Pink pumps
48 CAD -

Fendi pink handbag
3,315 CAD -

Forever 21 jewelry
29 CAD -

Maybelline mascara
8.99 CAD -

NYX lip makeup
12 CAD -



Hobbs circle skirt
220 CAD -

ONLY white jacket
71 CAD -

Red Circle high heel shoes
31 CAD -

Henri Bendel black handbag
250 CAD -

Mikimoto necklace
3,515 CAD -

Ippolita mother of pearl earrings
1,620 CAD -

Bobbi brown cosmetic
94 CAD -

Illamasqua matte lipstick
32 CAD -



Isaac Mizrahi genuine leather handbag
175 CAD -

Triwa gold bracelet
410 CAD -

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics pink blush
56 CAD -

Kat Von D lips makeup
24 CAD -



River Island crop top
3.72 CAD -

ONLY black jacket
78 CAD -

Pink jacket
52 CAD -

Gianvito Rossi heels & pumps
960 CAD -

Prada blue sandals
865 CAD -

Givenchy envelope clutch
1,680 CAD -

Sophie hulme tote
1,115 CAD -

Guess jewelry
150 CAD -

Lips makeup
195 CAD -

Nars cosmetic
38 CAD -

NARS Cosmetics pink lip gloss
33 CAD -

Mineral makeup
6.25 CAD -

HM. Feeling a lack of inspiration.

You guys are probably wondering why I haven't posted any photos of myself in my outfits ever since I gave birth. Well here is the reason. I have been feeling a tad bit insecure about the extra pounds I gained.

Now for those of you that know me, I have been trying to gain weight since I was in high school. I hated being called tiny, skinny, and "crawny" just to name a few. It really bothered me and for some reason a lot of my friends did see why it ticked me off, so they continued to call me these names. I even recall my ex calling me tiny and saying it was okay to call me that because he was my boyfriend. Uhh, I think not!

So I started my journey to gain weight and I did not succeed. I would gain 2 lbs be excited and loose it within days of gaining it. It was a constant battle. In my head, I was eating more than I usually did, but to everyone I was not. That was when I made the decision to just work with the body I had and tone it. I started going to my college gym and I was loving it. The results were so beautiful! I means my butt was nice and high and my abs, let's just say they resembled those of CIARA!

Long story short, I got pregnant and obviously those abs did not last long lol. So I have been struggling just a tad bit with my new weight. Trying to get used to it and knowing how to style it and what I cannot wear because of these new founds hips!

Please be patient with me as I do more research and practice how to wear all my new outfits. Don't you worry, you will see me very soon. I can't let you guys down, but I do need to get out of this rut. See you soon ladies and gents!


Crochet Braids: Using Freetress Equal Jamaican Twist Braid

Day 1 of my Crochet Braids

I mean foreaaaal you guys. Lol I really don't want to sound crazy or "ratchet" but when I say I am feeling myself with this new do? Feeling myself, feeling myself! *In my best Beyonce voice*

Okay, time to be serious. Hey you guys and welcome back to StyledByBeaver 101! I almost never greet you guys and I want to get in the hang of doing that from now on.

Today I am going to talk about my hair. I have been natural since the spring/summer of 2011. When I started my natural hair journey, it was not a trend, at least not for young black women. I decided to go natural due to the state my hair was in. It had been through some serious damage and I was always getting compliments on my natural curls. So without research, I decided to go natural. No more perm for this young lady. I don't regret going natural, but I will say I do miss a slicked up ponytail I was able to achieve with relaxed hair.
Day 2 of my Crochet Braids

As you guys know, I wear my hair in sew ins or wigs majority of the time. Why? Because I am lazy when it comes to styling my natural hair lol. It just felt like too much work for me. Also, I did not feel it was at the length I wanted it to be just yet. So I tuck it away under false hair to give it some time to breath and grow on its own.

My latest hairstyle is one I have never tried before (imagine that). Crochet braids. Natural and relaxed girls are raving about this type of hairstyle. It has been known among the black community for many years as a protective style. I absolutely LOVE mine! A friend of mine did it for me seeing as I did not want to risk trying this by myself for the first time and I also wanted to see how she did it. So the next time I do a crochet style I will be doing it myself.
1 week and 2 days with my Crochet Braids
1 week and 2 days with my Crochet Braids

Below I have linked my Youtube video on what products I used on this hair. By the time I post this blog, it will have been 3 days short of 3 weeks. Look out for my upcoming styling video on how I style and wear my crochet braids.

Alright, enough rambling for now, I hope you guys enjoy this post and have a blessed evening/day. Depending on where in the world you are ;)

Video Link: 



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