Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Real Jerk Boat Cruise

 This post should be considered a throwback...to 2 weeks ago lol. I was invited to a boat cruise hosted by The Real Jerk, a Caribbean restaurant located in Toronto. It was lovely, a night cruise on the water with great food, music, and wonderful people. Shoutout to my good friend Muna for the invite, love you doll mwah!

 Unfortunately, I have no idea where this dress is from because it was found at the back of my closet and was the only outfit that I looked flattering in. Sigh, my next pregnancy I will be pre-planning what I will be wearing in every season lol.

-Leather Jacket (Urban Planet)
-Metallic Satin Dress (Unknown)
-White Clutch (Forever 21)
-White Peep Toe Shoes (ShoeDazzle)


  You read it right, I am searching for a fashion intern that can help start and build my custom line. I mentioned coming up with my own online boutique in one of my post and realized I can't do this alone. Being pregnant adds not just literal weight on my thighs and back, but also on my mind. I need to make sure I stay healthy and don't try to stress myself about anything. So I have decided to hire interns for an unpaid position as my assistants. Down below are the requirements for this position. If you would like to help me, please do not hesitate to email me at stylishbeaver101@gmail.com or jalisa_lewis@live.ca.

Here are the requirements: -Able to manage social networks -Must have basic sewing skills -Must have knowledge of how to use patterns -Be able to do research on trends 
This is an unpaid position with potential to become a paid part time position. If you are interested please contact me as soon as possible.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Pool Time in New Brunswick

  Oh how I love vacation, especially with my family. This year we decided to visit my uncle in New Brunswick. Now I know a lot of you are thinking, this isn't your choice destination for some fun in the sun. Well, my family is always up for the challenge and adventure, even if that means driving there will take us 15 hours including stops. Yes, it was a hectic journey. Never the less, we are here and enjoying our time.
  One thing I can say about Florenceville, New Brunswick is that it is covered with trees. It is a little village, but for major stores it is at least an hour or more away. You have to drive far, 2 hours or more, to get to national parks and such. This does get a bit tedious. So when we saw there was a community pool, we did not hesitate to take a swim. I pulled out my KO bathing suit and made my way to the pool, such a refreshing time. By the way, how are you guys liking my baby bump!? I am 5 months 3 weeks and still looking hotter than a tamale ;)!

Bathing suit/Jumpsuit designed by Kadrianna Owen of KO Designs.
Here is her Facebook page and website, check her out she has some amazing pieces which she makes herself at great, affordable prices!



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