Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Looks for the Mature (Client is my mother)

Here are some holiday looks I put together for my mother, she is one of my clients.

This first look was for a Christmas Banquet at our church. I needed to do something quick yet still elegant. A downside to this style is her hair did not have enough time to completely dry before she headed out, Never the less it looked marvelous on her!
This is a side shot.

Back shot of the style.

A shot of the style from a higher angle. (Please excuse my ridiculous brother)
Meet my wonderful parents guys! They were headed off to a Gala for a friend. I styled my mom in a simple black dress that was midi length. She does not always enjoy super fitted outfits so I gave her a look that allowed her to still be comfortable in. I also pinned a magenta sash around her neck to match the magenta in my father's bow tie.

Here is a picture of the hair styled by me. She is wear 4 and a half bundles of Brazilian Remy hair and a center part closure from the beauty supply store. The lengths are 12, 14, 16 18, and a 14 inch closure. I used my Remington Curling wand to wand these curls into her hair. Once sprayed with setting spray, I combed through the curls with a wide tooth comb.

Christmas Decor at the Lewis Residence

Enjoy these lovely photos of the decorations my sisters, mother, and I put around the house. :)
Our Christmas tree

We are really loving our blue and silver with accents of white and gold theme this year.

The mantel at the bottom of our stairs 

Our front mantel and pillars

Our staircase

Our dining table. (Those tins are filed with Christmas sugar cookies for friends, yummy!)

Our front porch :)

Twas The Night Before Christmas


Haha, okay so what if I am a big kid when it comes to Christmas? I have always enjoyed this time of year, even more than my own birthday. I have a very giving heart and I always try my best, broke or not, to give to others in some shape or form. Celebrating the birth of Jesus is the best gift for everyone to enjoy.
Here is a quick post of my outfit that I wore to a Christmas Eve dinner party. Speak with you all sooon! :)

Side shot, woop!

Find a smile in every situation.



Dark lips and simple, glittery eyes are always perfect for the holiday season.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ice Ice BABY!!

Brrr, baby it is cold outside! Thank goodness these past few days have not been ridiculously cold, but they have been dangerous.
Here in Canada, we have been experiencing freezing rain for the past 2-3 days nonstop. Just imagine trying to walking to your car and nearly dislocating a hip. Sigh, oh how I miss summer. Last night however, was the worst night of them all. Everything froze over. Power lines, trees, outdoor Christmas decorations. Frozen! My entire neighbourhood was without power for hours. Everyone had to dig and scrape their cars out of ice and use hot water to melt the wheels.
I must say it was an interesting experience. Every Tim Horton's was packed because no one had food. But the sight of the frozen leaves was ever so beautiful. Despite the weather I found peace and beauty in the storm...LITERALLY!

Here are some photos of my Sunday Ice Experience. I also included some pictures of my family Christmas Tree. Hope you all are doing well. 3 more days until Christmas!

Blue and Silver Theme!

Instead of using a traditional tree topper, such as a star, an angel, or a Santa Claus figurine, we decided to keep it classy and use bows and ribbons to surround the top of our tree.

This is right outside of my house!

These icicle are dangerous!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Glitter Me This (Outfit Edition)

My favorite time of year is shining bright...LIKE A SEQUIN!

Here are my favorite ways to wear sequins, glitter, metallic, or shimmer throughout the Holiday season. From shoes, to handbags, to dress, and skirts, the possibilities are endless. Glitter and sequins also add flare to an outfit that could be seen as plain or bland without it. Easy way to pick up your fit without much stress.

This is look number 1!

Nude and Bold colors always look great together and are perfect for any season.

Fitted or bodycon outfits are staple outfits during Christmas time.

Nice soft curls to give that subtle Holiday glam.

Gold Glitter Platform Pumps were my statement piece. I've had these shoes for 2 years now and they haven't failed me yet. 

I chose to go with simple accessories to keep the focus on my shoes. I wore a medium sized Cuban link necklace, and vintage Christmas inspired earrings.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nude Holiday Nails Pictorial

I decided to do my own nails for Holidays. Not only to save some money but also to experiment with different colors and trends. This look is great for the workplace. It is not overly dramatic, but it adds just the right amount of sparkle to your look.
Here is a pictorial on how I achieved my Nude Holiday Nails.

Stay Tuned for 2 more nail pictorials! :)


-Nail Polish Remover
-Cotton Swab
-Witchcraft Nail Repair
-Witchcraft Nail Renewal
-Witchcraft Almond Oil for Cuticles and Nails
-Revlon Nail Polish in 711 Smoky Canvas
-Revlon Nail Polish in 115 Peach
-Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nail Polish in Sheer French Color
-Dr. Scholl's Pedicure Kit
  1. Make sure your nails are clean from any old nail polish or oils. Use the nail polish remover to remove the dirt.
  2. File down your nails. You can use a traditional filer or a electrical one. Whether you have acrylic nails or you are using your natural nails, you want to file them to give the nail polish a fresh and rough canvas to adhere to.
  3. Once your nails have been filed, use the nail repair, nail oil, and nail renewal in any areas where you see nail damage. This is optional but I recommend you do this step in order to keep your nails looking healthy.
  4. Apply Smoky Canvas to all four fingers except your middle finger. Apply Peach on your middle finger. Allow nail polish to dry for a few seconds or set under a dryer. Once the nail polish is dry, apply a second coat if you desire.
  5. Then take Sheer French and apply as a top coat on all your nails. Once again allow to dry.
  6. AND VOILA!! Your Nude Holiday Nails are complete!

Stay tuned for pictures of my results :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Please Excuse My Boyfriend

Oooo it has been so long guys and I am terribly sorry! Between studying for finals, finishing assignments, and trying to stay warm, I haven't been able to post much. Fear not, because I am back!

Okay enough of that, this weekend I was able to get away for a while with a group of friends for a birthday hotel party. As you can see, my boyfriend was feeling my outfit just as much as I was! He wouldn't leave me be to take pictures of It by myself. He is featured as a guest this week, so say hello to Jerome everyone. I decided to keep it comfy and casual, seeing as we were staying in the room.

Whenever I want a little grunge added to a simple look I throw on my Timberland boots. Mine aren't the actual branded Tims, they are a cheaper brand but they do the job well. I paired my "Tims" with high waisted Gap jeans and a lumberjack inspired button up. A friend of mine said I looked like the plumber ;)! I wore simple makeup, (eye liner, mascara, and lip-gloss) to keep the ready to go look. And when your hair isn't cooperating with you, you throw on a hat!

Description of Outfit:
-Red Jamaica Cap (From Jamaica)
-Black Tank Top (Forever21)
-Blue and White Plaid Shirt (Thrifted)
-High Waisted Gap Blue Jeans (Thrifted)
-Knock off Timberland Boots (Payless Shoe Source)


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