Thursday, November 28, 2013


Hey guys, I have discovered a fashion based website that I believe you guys will enjoy.

This website is called Dahlia Wolf. Here you are able to make an account where you upload your favorite images of pieces and outfits. You can make collages to upload as well. these collages are based on an article of clothing you would like to have designed by Dahlia Wolf. If your picture gets 1,000 "WOW"s then the company consults with you, designs your piece of clothing, and sells it on the website, in YOUR store! You receive store credit and best of all 10% commission on each time someone buys an item from your store. Cool right?

I was so excited when I came across this site. I will be trying my very best to gain 1,000 "WOW"s on any of my uploaded photos. I don't mind the extra pocket change. It is also a great opportunity for people that need exposure in the fashion industry. So do not forget to tell your friends!

Start an account today and experience the amazing talent. (

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Frisky Date Nights

Outside Fashion Catwalk: OASAP GIVEAWAY

Check out this amazing giveaway ladies and gents!

Outside Fashion Catwalk: OASAP GIVEAWAY

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Fall is almost over and winter is on its way. Once Thanksgiving is over and done with, we all start to prepare our minds for upcoming holiday season. This feeling of warmth and unknown happiness came over me this morning. This is a sign that my favorite holiday is on it's way, Christmas
Nothing reminds you of Christmas better than those ugly sweaters you or your dad receives from grandma. Oh the interesting patterns, funny shapes, funky colors, and itchy fabric are what make this time of year a time to cherish. I mean how long before you start only receiving socks!
Oversized ugly sweaters are best for lounge, comfort filled days. They are hassle free and quick to style. Easiest way to style them are with a pair of skinny jeans or black leggings, with combat boots or high construction worker themed boots.
Outfit Details:
-Black Toque with Bow Detail (Ardene)
-Large Link Gold Chain (Urban Planet)
-Vintage Men's Sweater (Dad's Closet)
-Dark Wash Jeggings (Hollister)
-Fur Lined Construction Worked Themed Boots (Urban Planet)

Monday, November 25, 2013




12/14/16 Bundles-$125
14/16/18 Bundles-$150 
16/18/20 Bundles-$175 
Any combination of bundles over 20 inches: 30% off your combination 
All closures up to 18 inches-$75 All orders receive a free gift!
Origins available: Malaysian,Peruvian,Brazilian, Indian 
Textures: light yaki, yaki, straight,body wave, loose wave, loose curl, exotic curl, kinky curly,deep wave
Sale starts Wednesday, November 27th. Ends Sunday, December 1st. 


Hey guys, don't forget to check out my YouTube channel to keep up to date with me. On YouTube, you will find all my hair and beauty related posts such as tutorials, reviews, and my initial thoughts on products and companies. Also, if you have any suggestions, feel free to Inbox me on YouTube to see how I can assist you. Thank you in advance! :)



Hello to all my followers and viewers, I have some news!

I will be advertising for Prissy Girl Hair Boutique, an upcoming online hair boutique who strives to give their customers the best quality hair for an affordable price. That's right, you don't have to break the bank when purchasing their hair.

Check out their website and look at the amazing hair they provide for you guys. I will keep you updated on any upcoming sales or deals so stay tuned! :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Casual Cool Cat + Follow me on BlogLovin'

Its Throwback Thursday yall!! This outfit is from Summer 2013, where I was portraying my inner Regina King from Poetic Justice. I kept my makeup looking natural and made my eyebrows real bold and dark

Description of Outfit:
-Men's White V-Neck (Urban Planet $5)
-Men's Black Button up Cardigan (H&M $20)
-High Waisted Mom Jeans (Thrifted $7)
-Vintage New Balances (I got these from Walmart years ago for $40)

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Beauty Blender/Beauty Blending Sponge Review

Quo Beauty Sponge $6 at Shoppers Drug Mart
 Beauty blenders or beauty blending sponges have been raved about this entire year by YouTube gurus, makeup artist, and everyday women that wear makeup. They seemed rather simplistic to me so I decided to stay way from them until I was ready to commit on purchasing one. I have not purchased the original Beauty Blender from Sephora but I have invested in the Shoppers Drug Mart brand and also an eBay brand.
 So far, I prefer the eBay beauty sponge over the Quo sponge for various reasons. For one, the eBay sponge gets very large once it has been soaked with water. It also cleans a tad bit easier than Quo however is much softer against the face and blends the product out a bit better than the eBay sponge.
 Either I am pleased I purchased both sponges and plan on investing in the original Sephora Beauty blender. By finding cheaper alternatives, you can not only save money but also purchase more for a lesser price.
Ebay Brand Beauty Sponge $2.9 plus free shipping on eBay

Monday, November 18, 2013

Fallin' for Trousers

Affordable Alternative Outfits
I found these trousers while impulse buying this weekend and instantly fell in love! They are super comfy and trendy. Trousers are always hard for me to find simple because I have a small waist. These were a bit loose in the waist so I decided to take them in just a tad.
Dress pants, trousers, slacks, however you refer to these should be a staple formal piece in everyone's closet. They are easy to just grab and simple to pair with a white or black button up chiffon shirt, a plain tank, or even a graphic tee. By choosing your top and shoes, your trousers can change from classy, formal, business like to casual, professional, and chic. I can't wait to wear these again, going to be experimenting with a whole bunch of shirts and shoes.
Outfit Details:
  • Faux Leather Jacket ($25 Urban Planet)
  • Cheetah Print Top (Thrifted)
  • Teal Straight Trousers ($15 Urban Planet)
  • Green Pumps ($10 Urban Planet)
  • Brown Purse (Thrifted)
  • MAC Heaux RiRi Lipstick with black liner
  • Virgin Brazilian Deep Curly dyed to an auburn color

Young and Chic


How fitting of me is it to feature my 10 years old sister, and mini me, Naomi on my blog today. I thought her outfit was very mature and put together so I had to share. She was pleased to be featured on Stylish Beaver 101. Alright, let us break down this outfit. She is wearing a black leather blazer to give her off white Sunday church dress more of an edge. The blazer gives you a sense of punk rock will still being formal. She isn't your average 10 year old I'll tell you that.
I decided to ask her a few questions about her outfit.
Why did you decide to wear this black leather blazer?
ANS: I knew it was going to look nice.
How did you know?
ANS: I can imagine my clothes and outfits on my body before I wear them.
What do you aspire to be in the fashion industry?
ANS: A model.
Naomi is very educated not only with intelligence but also with a great sense of style. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree I see1 ;)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hello and Welcome

Hello to all my new followers and thank you for visiting Stylish Beaver 101. I am beyond grateful to have you all here and can't wait to share my love for fashion with you all. Here at Stylish Beaver 101 you will witness not only my personal style, but also how I style others, and my recommendations to you on making your personal style more unique. I promise not to disappoint!


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